HydroHero, originally H2O PRO,  was started in the small town of Frankford, Delaware by husband and wife team Robert and Liz Keefer.  Like most great things, it was built with a little bit of luck, massive perseverance, a ton of desperation, and a world of knowledge. HydroHero had always been dreamed of by this husband and wife team but with newborn twins, a toddler, and no savings, it just wasn’t happening any time soon – or so they thought.  As luck would have it, before the twins even turned two, the company they BOTH worked for was drastically downsizing and closing many departments, and they were faced with a decision. Either brave starting their own company or go work for someone else, putting their future in someone else’s hands yet again. This was their chance and although panicky, they put on their big boy pants and the work began. It was hard, it was scary, it was dirty, but in just a short time the husband and wife team turned HydroHero into something more than they could have ever dreamed of.  

Yes, HydroHero was started on a wing and a prayer, but with that said it was built on a world of experience and knowledge.  Before starting HydroHero, Robert worked in the restoration industry for nearly two decades. Starting as a emergency technician at a young age, Robert has gained both certifications and knowledge while working his way across the country.  Robert has used his talents to not only help others, but to further the industry through knowledge and education. While busy building other’s companies Robert noticed a major glitch in the system and realized that locally and nationally something needed to be done.  While he had a true passion for remediation, he also began to despise the constant battles it presented such as collections and always fighting to get paid. He was haunted by the slow season and the constant need to “find something for employees to do” while no calls were coming in.  There had to be a better way to survive – and even thrive – in the industry he so loved.

With a degree in Architecture and Sustainable Design, Robert’s wife, Liz, also noted flaws in the system but from a completely different angle.  Now working as Director of Contents she found herself leading teams on jobs where the protocols written did not identify cause, did not encompass the entire scope of work, and honestly sometimes did more harm than good.  Frustration vexed technicians, team leaders, and certainly homeowners as well. Liz wondered why, being experienced in remediation, she had to call in another company to tell her how to do her job. Doesn’t the plumber or electrician come out, identify, and solve a problem all in the same shot?  And what about those tricky times when the expert called in refereed the job to someone else, or testing was passed or failed based on timetable of the tester?

In love with the industry and determined that there needed to be another way, the idea of a HydroHero was evolving. With sleeves rolled up, Liz expanded her knowledge in the area of testing and became an IEP; Robert went under, instead of in the house, and mastered the art of crawl space encapsulation. They focused on education and “solving the problem” for good rather than using a quick fix that some previous companies had become accustomed to offering.  They faced adversity at the idea of marrying testing and remediating, and got laughed at by local builders – “don’t you think a crawl space that is that perfect is overkill?” But they kept going despite all and soon found their niche. Many of those same companies laughing previously were now avid followers. Along the way, through either genious or sheer luck, they also realized they were solving multiple financial problems of what to do during the slow season, and how to obtain cash flow while financing insurance jobs. By crossing over into waterproofing and indoor air quality,  they created both possibilities and opportunities for growth. Needless to say by only their second year, having a slow season was a thing of the past as they were booking out three months in advance.

The path has never been never been an easy one – there have been many trials and tribulations, including major rebranding and a name change for franchising.  But through focus, persistence, and firmness of purpose HydroHero is now nationally known for the impeccable consistency and education to the public it provides.  The dream to become the Hero of the waterproofing and encapsulation industry endures. Robert and Liz continue to work on and in the business as their passion for it will never die.  They often now look back on the breakdowns they had on the kitchen floor (Liz mostly with ice cream and brownies in hand) at the time of their previous companies downsizing and realize that was the impetus that forced us to not stand still but move forward with our dreams – to become masters of our own fate.

If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you will always get what you always got!