Home Improvement Industry In Billions of Dollars


Using a biennial index called the American Housing Survey, Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies estimates a total of $383.3 billion spent by homeowners on home improvement in 2017. But, that figure doesn’t account for work done on unoccupied homes. While there are uncertainties as to the size of those missing expenditures, it’s safe to say that the home improvement industry is in excess of $400 billion per year.

Disaster Restoration Industry In Billions of Dollars


<br>Did you know that the disaster restoration industry has now grown to an astonishing $210 billion dollar industry? This is an industry that grows year after year due to catastrophic events, such as hurricanes, floods, and other natural disasters. What many don’t understand is that most of this work comes from things not related to storm damage, but from leaks, broken pipes and humidity.

Indoor Air Quality Industry In Billions of Dollars


The Indoor Air Quality Market is fast growing and is projected to reach 10.8 billion by 2021 according to an independent report by Research & Market ON THE U.S. Indoor Air Quality Market. This report is confined to covering IAQ issues at residential homes, commercial buildings and light industrial properties, schools, and hospitals.