I Never Owned A Business. How Can You Help Me?

New business owners are our favorite to work with. Nothing is more satisfying the helping others make their dreams a reality. Heck, that is what the owners of HydroHero did. You should call and speak to the founders and hear their story about what the journey was like to have nothing but a dream and unbelievable determination to succeeded. Yes, you can call as ask to speak to the founders and they will either take the call or call you back within 48 hours. They have committed to support of the franchisees above all else.

Are Your Territories Open or Protected?

We only sell protected franchise territories. We do not believe it benefits our franchisees to compete with each other in their own local markets. We also have more great news! Most prime territories are open right now in many states. You have first field mover advantage in your market!

Do You Sell DIY Kit To The Public?

Absolutely not! Why you would want to purchase a franchise territory, spend your time and money investing in a brand only to have the franchisor or corporate owned unit selling to your potential customers? This makes no sense and why others do this we, belive it is not in the best interest of our franchisee or our brand as a whole.